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Theses and research internships

Bachelor’s and Master’s theses and research internships

In addition to the topics listed below, you are also welcome to take the initiative and work on your own topics in the following research fields:

  • Evaluation of development and growth theories from today’s perspective
  • Competitiveness and policy: Does environmental policy reduce competitiveness?
  • Environmental policy and its impact on international trade
  • Impact assessment of innovations for well-being in Tanzania based on panel data
  • Role of shocks in the production / consumption of indigenous vegetables in Kenya
  • The impact of livestock farming on food security and income after exogenous shocks in Tanzania and Kenya
  • Impact assessment of market shocks on vulnerability to poverty and food security
  • Are food standards dependent on the buyer or manufacturer? Empirical analysis from the dealer’s or producer’s point of view in Kenya
  • The impact of the digitisation of market information on the prices of agricultural commodities in developing countries: The role of mobile phones
  • Entrepreneurship in developing countries: What do they need, what do they want?

Examples of topics dealt with

  • Combining Environmental Policy Stringency with Economic Competitiveness – A Macro Perspective (Fraunhofer, Bachelor Thesis, 2018)
  • Economic aspects of water supply and agriculture in Bavaria with regard to the nitrate problem (Füchsl, Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • Victims in Rural Tanzania – The Determinants and Impacts on Households´ Welfare (Mager, Master Thesis, Cooperation with Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2017)





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